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OSRS F2P Combat Guide

Oct 14

Combat training in F2P on OSRS can often be tedious. You might have trouble accessing certain areas and the options for combat are scarce, but that doesn't mean you can't get those high-level achievements! Here's how to ensure success when training combat in OSRS as a F2P.

Recommended Gear For F2P Combat Training

Free-to-play players are going to want to stay geared up with whatever level tier they're able to wield. Rune is the best option for free gamers and you'll want to work your way up from bronze by using rune gear as soon as possible.

For Melee

  • Bronze/Iron Armour – 1 Defense, 1 Attack to wield a scimitar
  • Steel Armour – 5 Defense, 5 Attack to wield a scimitar
  • Black Armour – 10 Defense, 10 Attack to wield a scimitar
  • Mithril Armour – 20 Defense, 20 Attack to wield a scimitar
  • Adamantite Armour – 30 Defense, 30 Attack to wield a scimitar
  • Runite Armour – 40 Defense, 40 Attack to wield a scimitar

For Range

  • Plain leather – 1 Range, 1 Defense
  • Hard leather body – 1 Range, 10 Defense
  • Studded leather body – 20 Range, 20 Defense
  • Green D’hide body – 40 Range, 40 Defence, Completion of Dragon Slayer Quest

In order to be a skilled range player in RuneScape, you must know which bow and arrow type are best for your level. If you're on the lower end of abilities, it's recommended that use iron arrows with tiers ranging from bronze to steel. These are cheap enough even if they don't have ranged bonuses as other types do; this way you won't lose OSRS gold when training early on.

For Magic

The first 20-25 levels of magic can be a little bit frustrating. With so few items in F2P and not having much of a bonus, you could expect to take some time getting through them the first go around. It's recommended that while doing all this leveling up, snag yourself an air staff from the Grand Exchange (you won't regret it!). There are also plenty of runes available to use for your spells.

OSRS Combat Training Guide

Low-Tier Levels

As a new player, you may find it difficult to get enough experience and levels. Fortunately, chickens near the Lumbridge farmhouse have low health points for easy kills that grant early cooking levels by handing in raw chicken or feathers from their drop table. Cook them on nearby ranges so you can bank your feather loot while saving money.

Next, you’re going to check out Giant Rats. They hide in the Lumbridge Swamp and can be found by heading south of Lumbridge past the graveyard.

Mid-Tier Levels

One of the most nostalgic NPC training moments for me was when I learned to cook and bank at Hill Giants. They don't just drop big bones & limpwurt roots-they also have a charming old house where no one can steal from you! To get in, all you need is an iron key which can be found on the Grand Exchange and be bought with money. The world here often gets crowded so if it's not your style hop worlds until you find a place that suits your needs best.

High-Tier Levels

Ogress Warriors are the best creatures in Corsair Cove for F2P players searching to build their bank. They have a high defense, and can hit decently hard too: but what makes them most worthwhile is that they drop 10% of all loot as gems, which are worth about 2 GP each! This means you will be able to make at least 20-30k just per trip when using prayer protect from melee potions (a chisel may also come in handy).