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Commercial Roof Leaks: Problems

Jul 24


The possibility of roof leaks at your business can be a very serious problem that can require a long time to fix and get rid of. The best option for your roof is to get it inspected early.

What are the causes of Commercial Roofs to Leak?

Poor or no drainage from your roof may cause it to leak. If drains, gutters, downspouts, or scuppers haven't been installed from the beginning and you'll be dealing with a lot of leakage issues. Standing water is an indication of trouble. It can cause a roof's collapse on your house and can result in a leak.


HVAC unit drains, pipes gas lines, drains and vents in general can be risky areas where leaks can start. The proper sealing of these vents when they are installed will prevent leaks. Performing annual check-ups to ensure that they're sealed up is essential, not just to ensure the vents perform properly, but also to prevent leaks from happening later on.


Leakages could also be the result of roof damage. A large open space or the area not covered with roofing material can allow rain to enter and penetrate these areas. The repair or sealing it until it can be fixed can create a barrier of protection.


If the roof of the commercial building you own is beginning to show signs of age, you'll want to replace it prior to a leak can occur. The older roofs don't stand up against the elements as well as the new ones or one that's only a few years old.


What Happens When A Commercial Roof Leaks?

A commercial roofing system can leak , causing havoc to your business. The leak can cause internal damage that causes work to be delayed for weeks, days, and even months. Files and equipment can be seriously damaged along with other paperwork.


A portion of the structure will have to be segmented off in order for roofers from san Antonio to resolve the issue. just one leak could cost you the cost to be higher than you're willing to spend in one timeframe.

What to do if you find a leak in the roof?

Contact a trusted roofer immediately to request them to and look at the work that needs to be made to the roof to stop it from leaking. Grab a bucket to collect any water from the ceiling, or use a mop to get any water from the floor.


If you've encountered a greater issue than a few drops of water, you may have to contact a restoration cleanup company to bring in industrial equipment that can clean up the remainder of the debris, especially if your area is carpeted.


Depending on the source of the leak, it might be necessary to repair the ceiling and walls. We, Roofing Near San Antonio will address any major issue with 100 percent assurance.


The leak could also be affecting multiple floors. Therefore, the electrician has examine the other floors of the building and look through the ceiling for electrical damages too.

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Be Sure to Keep Your Commercial Roof Dry And Leak-Free

Shield Roofing is aware of the importance of commercial structures and the ways in which it can be diminished if the roof is damaged. Contact a roofing service in San Antonio Texas if your commercial roof leaks. We have years of experience in fixing leaks on commercial roofing.

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