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How to describe a job in a restaurant on a resume

Mar 23

Every week, we scan the news to find trends in the hospitality sector. This week's topic: How to write a resume to describe a job at a restaurant.

Many employees don't know that they can learn valuable skills working in restaurants. They will help you grow your career if you work in the hospitality industry.

It is difficult to describe the responsibilities of a chef if you have extensive experience in foodservice. This article will show you how to create a resume to apply for a job at a restaurant.

How to describe an employment in a restaurant on your resume

It is crucial to describe your experience in hospitality in a way that emphasizes how it can be used to transfer to other jobs.

You can also ask your former employers what job they had that increased revenue or profit.

It is important to quantify the work you have done.

It's more efficient to use numbers to describe your day-to-day responsibilities than to do it with words. Management can then better understand how to maximize your revenue potential.

To learn more:

Instead stating "Sold food, beverages to guests,"

Perhaps you could say "Facilitated $xx worth of product purchase each shift." "

For cooks:

Rather than saying "Worked in a line making foods,"

Perhaps you could say "Helped manage $XX worth of food products each day." "

For bartenders:


Perhaps you could say "Used selling techniques increase guest's checks by $XX on average." "

Your daily responsibilities can be compared to the traits of job-seekers in demand.

High integrity, communication and team-oriented are some of the most sought-after traits that hiring managers are looking for. Show how your experience matches the job by linking your past duties to the key traits employers are looking at.

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When asked for different requests, you might say "Was flexible & adaptable." "

For cooks:

Instead of saying, "Worked closely to the kitchen manager in order to ensure that the line ran smoothly. "

It is possible to say, "Use communication abilities for smooth and successful lines." "

For bartenders:

Instead saying "Didn’t over/under pour my friends",

It is possible to say that you have "valued your personal and professional integrity by following drink recipes closely." "

List any leadership-related responsibilities you have undertaken.

Knowing you're willing to take on more responsibilities - especially ones related to leadership/management - can be the difference between getting hired or losing the position to compete. It's possible that you think, "But I don't know how to manage a restaurant. You can count all of your managerial experience as you have managed shift leaders, dealt with guest issues, and put together schedules.

To learn more:

Instead stating "Shone new server what you should do,"

Try saying "Managed new employee training." "

For cooks:

Instead of saying, "Did product matter at night?" "

Perhaps you could say "Helped manage product inventories and close procedures." "

For bartenders:

Instead stating "Made the bar-calendar,"

"Communicate closely with the team to manage or create the bartender's calendar." "

An accurate and current resume will make a great first impression on potential employers. Employers can see how you have developed your skills by looking at the different ways you describe your time in a restaurant.

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