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How to Maintain Your Lawn in the Summer

Jan 23

The temperatures in summer can rise to a new high. It is possible for lawns to be scorched from the heat. No matter what the kind of your lawn some of the hot days can trigger heat shock, however we have a few tips to help you get through. This summer, learn how to care for your lawn.

6 Tips to Look after Your Lawn in the Summer;

Mowing Your Lawn

The kind of grass you choose and its health will determine the frequency you mow your lawn during the summer. Certain varieties of lawn are dormant during the summer months and will not need to be mowed very often. However, the healthy, summer growing varieties which are well watered will develop lots of green leaves (and probably lots of weeds).

Aim to mowing only a third of your lawn's length. Lawn mowing service in ky can assist you if your lawn isn't long enough or is being cut too frequently. This may cause it to thin out and be more vulnerable to heat, weeds and bugs. If you let your lawn grow too long may result in problems as the top layer might be damaged by the heat. Use a sharp mower blade and only mow when it's cool. This will prevent freshly mowed tips burning. Although it could be tempting to mow after the rainy season, it's recommended to hold off on doing this. This will be easier and will leave your lawn looking healthier.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

If your lawn is fertilized it will be healthier and less susceptible to any pests or diseases. However, you should never fertilize a lawn that is dormant. So, make sure to check the variety of your lawn prior to beginning. Lawn Worx suggests that you water your lawn regularly every week at least. Fertilizing your lawn regularly will keep it looking green However, be aware that it is important to consult with lawn care service Lexington Ky for advice, as this will also mean you will need to intensify the frequency of watering and mowing. Fertilize your lawn during cooler days, early mornings or evenings as it must be immediately watered into the soil and then removed from the grass to prevent burning.

Watering Your Lawn

Reticulation systems can allow you to water your lawn on a regular basis throughout summer. It is crucial to develop a healthy, deep root system. Newly grasses need to be given careful watering while they are in the initial stages of growth. It will vary depending on the type of soil. That means that water is required to be adjusted according to the type of soil.

Check your lawn regularly for indications of heat stress and drought. Be aware that you may require more watering after days of extreme heat, drought or low humidity. If it has been raining, it is best to apply water to your lawn at least twice per week.

Wetting Agents

Certain soil types may be extremely dry and water-resistant during summer. This makes water run away rather than being held. Wetting agents cover the soil with an exclusive substance that attracts water and dissolves the soil coating.

Weeding Your Lawn

Unfortunately, during the summer months, the weeds can become a problem in particular the drought-resistant dandelion as well as other varieties that have long root systems. Avoid using chemical weed killers at high temperatures , and then dig the weeds by hand in cool evenings. Follow the directions on label for weed killers. Regularly pulling the weeds out can keep them from coming back.

to Care for Your Lawn In Summer, be Water Wise

Conserving water is vital in Kentucky in the summertime, with some councils imposing restrictions during times of drought. There may be regulations by the government that restrict the frequency at which you water your lawn. Deep watering, if this is the case then you only have to water your lawn every two days every week. It is also possible to keep watch over your lawn to notice whether it is beginning to turn brown. This is a sign that you need to be sure to water your lawn regularly.

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