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Towing Companies in Phoenix AZ

Jan 4

Ever wonder what you would do if your car stopped on the side of the road? While you may hope that this does not happen, it is a good idea to be prepared. Towing services are the best option if you're stuck on the side of the road.

Towing Companies in Phoenix AZ not only provide reliable assistance but also offer skilled help in a wide range of situations. To help you understand towing services better, here are six facts to know.

1. Recognize the purpose of towing services

Towing services can be required for many reasons. Here are the top reasons motorists need to hire towing services.

  • A collision occurred with another vehicle.

  • The engine is too hot.

  • Transmission failure

  • The gas tank is empty.

  • Your car will not move if it is in the snow, dirt, or ditch.

  • A punctured tire

  • Jump-starting batteries

  • Towing services may be necessary if you have locked your keys in your car.

2. Pay attention to the various types of vehicles that can be towed.

Towing services can be provided for all vehicles, so you might be wondering if they are available. Many towing companies also have vehicle trailers, motorbikes, and all-terrain cars in addition to passenger automobiles (ATVs).

Many towing companies offer heavy-duty towing. Heavy-duty towing includes garbage trucks, buses, and semi-tractor trailers. No matter what type of vehicle, you can get a tow.

3. Learn the difference between a wrecker driver and a tow truck driver

Tow truck drivers and wreckers both can tow cars. Tow truck drivers are not allowed to do any kind of maintenance on cars. A wrecker, however, can not only tow the vehicle but also provide on-site repairs and maintenance.

4. Learn about the different types of tow trucks

Tow truck drivers can safely tow any kind of vehicle without damaging it.

  • There are many sizes and shapes of tow trucks.

  • Hydraulic flatbeds are a type of hydraulic flatbed. This flatbed has a ramp that can be hydraulically controlled to load a vehicle onto it.

  • A one-stop-shop for towing. This tow truck is made for heavy-duty trucks. It also features additional axles.

  • A hook and a cable. This is the most common towing method for vehicles that have been damaged. It uses a hook-and-a-chain combination.

  • A lift for the wheels. The front or rear drive wheels are used to secure the car using the appropriate equipment.

  • Tow truck drivers and wreckers will always use the right tow truck. Tow truck drivers are able to help stranded vehicles in virtually any weather, place, or condition.

5. Consider the cost of towing services.

In most cases, towing services can cost between $75 and $125. The cost of towing your vehicle includes a $50 hookup charge and the first five to ten mile driving time by the tow truck driver. After the first five to ten miles, a tow truck driver will charge $2 to $4 per mile. To have your vehicle transported 100 miles may cost you up to $450.

These factors affect the cost of towing services

  • Distance between two points

  • Class of vehicle

  • Time and date

  • Before calling your car insurance company to request a tow truck, If your car insurance covers tow truck services, you might not be charged any fees. Roadside assistance memberships also cover towing services.